New Function Jan.14

Dear players,

Darkmoon Realm will open new functions for players at 02:00-02:30 am on Jan 14, 2019 (server time). We will divide cross-server zone and update the new function at the same time.
It is a whole server update, so all the players need to log off the game in time to avoid loss. Thanks for your understanding.

CS Zenith War
1. After the Server Zenith War, the Top 1-4 players will automatically sign up for the Sky-level Cross-Server Zenith War Knockout Round, and the Top 5-8 will automatically sign up for the Earth-level Cross-Server Zenith War Knockout Round
2. The Sky-level and Earth-level Knockout Rounds will be held at 21:00 on Thursday at the same time. Each match only holds for 90 secs, players who fail 5 times in total will be knockout. In the end, the top 16 of the two-level Knockout Rounds will join next Round
3. The Sky-level and Earth-level Knockout Round's final match was held at 21:00 on Friday at the same time, winning 3 times in 5 games, finally winning the championship

4. All Ranking Rewards will be sent by mail after Round ended

5. Players who participate in the CS Zenith War need to enter the Cross-Server Scene in advance, then players can control their character to join the battle, otherwise, the system will control their character to fight

Please reach us on Discord or support email if you need help in any case,

Discord: https://discord.gg/A3K3zuz
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DMRealm
Support Email: support@plusfuns.com

Looking forward to welcoming you all in the game!
Darkmoon Realm Team

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